Why Should I Start a Blog?

Sincerely Hopeful

Dearest Readers,

You are probably thinking, “Um… Becca? Did I miss the part where you became a best-selling author, a successful mom and businesswoman, or the next Joanna Gaines?” No friends, you did not miss anything. I am still the same 24-year old woman, teacher, wife, and cat-mom. No, I haven’t accepted a new job as a writer. In fact, this might be my first and last blog post ever. 

Yikes, that all sounded super negative. That’s how I usually cope with fear – with negativity and worrying about judgement. Let me tell you why I am here. I am here because when I was in 2nd grade, my teacher said I was a good writer. I had no idea what she meant. Then, in 7th grade, I started journaling every day and realized how much release and clarity writing brought me. Then, in high school and college, people would always ask me to edit their papers because I could turn every F into a C and every C into an A. Writing was one of the only things I ever felt truly good at, but was always slightly embarrassed by because it was nerdy and involved sharing your deepest feelings. In high school, I told my then-boyfriend (now husband) how I wanted to go to school to be a writer. It was all I could see myself doing.

Somewhere in the midst of college, I came to the realization that jobs didn’t come easy as a writer and neither did money..and that just wouldn’t do. So I pursued another career that I showed talent in. Teaching. I discovered through teaching ballet that I have a gift for engaging kids – I can be super high-energy and understand how kids think and learn. It is fun for me and it comes somewhat naturally. For the past three years, I have chased after teaching wholeheartedly, earned a Master’s in Education, and gained a plethora of solid experience. It fulfills the parts of my heart that thrive when helping others, reaching families and students, and giving back. In the chaos of what the job entails, it can be easy to dedicate all of my extra time and energy towards it. And although it is a valuable source to devote my time, it can easily become a drain to all of my talents and ambition. 

I am tired of feeling like a drain. Like I am expending all my talents and have nothing left to give. Writing is something that fills the parts of my soul that teaching leaves empty. I’ve never shared my writing, nor explored its lengths in the areas that I take interest. I’ve toyed with starting a blog for the longest time but resisted in fear of being judged. In a way, starting this blog is the first step I am taking to explore writing openly.

SPR Photography

So, friends, no…I have not become an expert on the ways of parenting…or cooking…or wife-ing…or any of those things that blogs are usually about. I’m over here as the same passionate, silly, slightly confused person I have always been. Still teaching my heart out, VIP-kidding, drinking wine, and going to more Braves games than I’d prefer. But starting this blog is my way of starting a dream I have buried for a really long time. If you aren’t into it, there’s no hard feelings. If you think I’m crazy for doing it, so do I. But, as MLK Jr. said,

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” 

Martin Luther King, Jr.

What will I write about? I have no freaking clue. At a time where I’m finally trying to start something that I know I am good at AND fills me, I will probably experiment with everything. 

Sometimes it will be serious.

Sometimes it will be funny.

All of the time, it will be real. 

I hope you stick around to watch me succeed or perhaps fall on my face. But hopefully, you’ll enjoy the show regardless.

Sincerely hopeful,



14 thoughts on “Why Should I Start a Blog?

  1. Wow … amazing … inspiring us all to the greatness He’s got in mind us… thanks, precious one … I’m following!🤗


  2. So HAPPY for you! NOTHING amazing happens inside your comfort zone. Thanks for being brave enough to step outside of yours! ❤️‘ed it and can’t wait to read more! You’re AWESOME!


  3. You and I are perhaps more closely related in soul than I had realized! Write on, sister. This world needs more people to explore the lengths of their passions. And maybe one day, we can edit each other’s musings in hopes of moving the heart of even just one. ❤️


  4. You’re awesome!!! I too love to write and have a blog that I’ve shared with no one I know. Your bravery is inspiring. I soaked up every word and you have left me wanting more.


  5. Becca, I never knew about your blog until Mariah shared on FB. I read everyone of them in one sitting. Very impressive, hlnest, and real! And I must share a personal mote, your “Leave me alone” letter opened my eyes and heart to my own daughter and provoked some soul searching. You are a very powerful and talented writer!


    1. Edie, there could have been no better comment for me. To have provoked any emotion in a reader is a success, much less one that could help your relationship with your daughter. Thank you so much for sharing that with me!


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