Surviving Quarantine

…Besides Wine

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To my best friends,

It doesn’t matter if it’s been three months or three days. Every encounter begins the same – with a hug around the neck, something simple in the oven, a laugh from the belly, and a glass in our hands.

Most times, the glass is filled with a dark Merlot or cheery Chardonnay to commemorate the wonderfully ordinary weeks. You know the kind. Weeks that are filled with long work days, busy schedules, and takeout for dinner one too many times.

A couple evenings have involved sparkling grape juice on the kitchen island, chatting about nursery color schemes and Target registries. We’d ‘cheers’ with our champagne flutes, toasting to your newest addition and this fun new chapter.

Other times have called for a casual beer and a sunny day, sharing stories that make us chuckle. Stories that pair well with our ales, like the time you tripped down the stairs or various Hinge dates gone wrong. We would laugh until we were blue in the face, sipping our sours between breaths.

Only a few times have required something stronger. I know you remember those evenings. Days where failure’s voice would seem louder than success’ whisper. Where my feelings were hurt, my words misunderstood, my hope lost. These days yielded a short glass and strong pour. But still, we sat. We listened. We sipped.

Through months of isolation and hours of Zoom calls, those strong pours have frequented our glasses more and more. Perhaps the wine has entered our cups earlier in the day, reminding us of those “normal” days that beckon us from earlier in the year.

And while I never thought I would have longed for the days of a hectic work week or a tight dinner schedule, the world has a way of teaching us the value in what we have once it is gone. How I miss the wonderfully ordinary days of sharing a bottle of Merlot with friends on a hectic Friday.

This 2020 term called “quarantine” has a whole new meaning to us. It also has jaws. Pointy little teeth that seem to snap its way into our lives, wrecking the things we love most – even those things we never knew we loved. And when it opens its jaws to take away the schedule, routine, quality time, careers, and stability from us, one thing remains that we know it can’t steal, no matter how swift those jaws are.

Our conversation. Our laughs.

Oh, and our wine. It can’t steal our wine.

So, friend, the next time you’re feeling lonely or thirsty, know that I’m feeling the exact same way. Throw on a mask and meet with me. Logon to Zoom and chat with me. Bring over a glass and pour it for me (can you do that from 6 feet away?). During this time, we need each other, because you’re my best friend.

besides wine.

Sincerely sipping,


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