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Sincerely Letters

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Hi, friend. I’m so happy you’re here. I’ve been thinking about you often.

You, the person in need of something to do.

You, the person looking for a chuckle.

You, the person longing for encouragement or a fresh perspective.

You, the person trying to find someone who might understand.

You, the person with an amazing story to tell without the words to tell it.

You made it!

If you’re like me, you are learning as you go.

That is, learning about people, yourself, marriage, relationships, work, taxes…and all the other ordinary things life offers us. How I wish the day-to-day would be easier than it is sometimes. But that’s why I write my letters, after all. To process the difficult, silly, or life-changing things I am walking through. And hopefully, to help you walk through them, too.

With each letter you read, my hope is that they are sophisticated enough for you to see a new perspective, playful enough for you to chuckle, and authentic enough to know you are never alone in whatever chaos this life brings you.

So make yourself at home, friend. Explore the letters. Share with me your thoughts. Debate my perspective with your own. And please, reach out to me. I’d love to hear your story.