Hi, I’m Becca.

I’m so glad to meet you. I’m a writer, editor, blogger, and elementary school teacher from the Metro-Atlanta area.

The Letters

The letters that I write to you are often the very ones that I’ve needed myself. My greatest hope is that you connect with them and that they inspire you in some way. Find the perfect letter to read today:

About Sincerely Letters Blog
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“Empathy is a gift of of validation that, no matter how many times it is given, always returns us to our own truth. Empathy heals another at exactly the same time it is healing me.”

-Brené Brown

The Story

I started writing in a locked journal in the fifth grade. When I went to college, I decided I wanted to teach elementary school. I knew I wanted to inspire others, and a career of inspiring kids excited me. A few years of teaching and some life changes later, I felt a deep call to share my writing. To share my story. 

It isn’t always easy, sharing the real parts about our lives. Is it? I remember having my first blog post in my drafts for weeks, imagining what would happen when I pressed, “Publish.”

In summer 2019, I started my blog. I started it to share personal, authentic, and playful stories that others may relate to about, well…life. Normal life events. Ordinary life moments. Common life struggles. 

And through the few people who read and walk with me, God has created an uplifting community of people who can support one another in challenging times. Laugh with one another in embarrassing moments. Be real with one another through every curve ball. 

I’m still a teacher. But I’m getting to the point where I can say I’m a writer, too. And not just in a locked journal.

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You are

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Perhaps one of my favorite parts about writing these letters is when my words align with someone else’s story. It’s amazing how one person’s words can ignite positive change in someone else’s life.

And your story? The one that seems too trivial to mention or too drastic to share . . . that story is truly noteworthy. It’s something to write home about. It is interesting, significant, and exceptional. And so are you.

To share your story or message about life, reach out to me to be featured on The Noteworthy Collection. The world is waiting to hear from you.